What EMF does to Your Body

The EMF health effects listed below are just a sample from the mountain of research that has been reported in scientific literature.

Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Here are some of the biological changes caused by electromagnetic radiation, as observed and reported in various studies (most recent first):

Protein Changes in Skin. Ten women volunteered to participate in a study in which radiation (900mH) from GSM cell phones was applied to them for one hour to simulate a phone call. Scientists then screened their skin cells for any stress reactions. They looked at 580 different proteins and found two which were substantially affected. (One was increased by 89% and the other decreased by 32%). New Scientist February 23, 2008

Excited Brain Cells. Researchers from Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Isola Tiberina,found that the electromagnetic field emitted by cell phones can cause some cells in the brain’s cortex (adjacent to the side of phone use) to become excited for about an hour, while others become inhibited. Health24 – June 27, 2006

DNA Damage. German research group Verum studied the effect of radiation on human and animal cells. After being exposed to cell phone frequencies the cells showed increased breaks in their DNA. These DNA breaks could not always be repaired by the cells. The damage would therefore be passed on to future cells which could predispose them to becoming cancerous. USA Today December 21, 2004

Brain Cell Damage. A study of the effects of cell phone frequencies (applied at non-thermal intensity) on rat brains showed damage to the neurons (brain cells) in various brain parts, including the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia. June 2003 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives

Aggressive Growth in Leukemia Cells Researchers at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy found that Leukemia cells exposed to cell phone frequencies (900mH) for 48 hours replicated more aggressively. New Scientist October 24, 2002


Increased Blood Pressure. Researchers in Germany found that one-time use of a cell phone for 35 minutes could cause an increase in resting blood pressure of between 5 and 10mm Hg. Lancet June 20, 1998.

How does EMF Radiation Harm Us?

To a physicist, it may appear that low-frequency and radio-frequency radiation must be harmless to humans, unless it is so strong that it heats our tissue or damages molecules in some other way. It sounds logical, and some scientists do still take this position on EMF.

All our official radiation limits are based on heating effect. Cell phone SAR ratings are also founded on heating effect. But these ideas are flawed because it is NOT the heating effect of electromagnetic radiation that causes damage to our cells.

A biologist views things differently. To a biologist, it is obvious that if human cells react to low levels of EMF by changing their behaviour, something must be going on. Then she looks at the consequences to the organism of this changed cellular behaviour to see whether the effects are neutral, beneficial or harmful.

Not all the effects may yet be known, but here are some that are: Under the influence of EMF

Blood cells become distorted in shape and clump together

Certain cells start producing so-called stress proteins, which are only produced when a cell senses that it is under threat


Some hormone production is reduced (especially melatonin and serotonin)

Sperm cells become less mobile and fewer sperm are produced

DNA repair processes within the cells work less effectively

These effects are all measurable, and occur at intensities far too small to cause any significant heating effect. Most biologists are pretty clear that, based on these effects, EMFs cannot be good for the body.

But most of the damage (disease) caused by EMF will probably only appear after many years of exposure. So it may be quite hard to pin the proof on EMFs.

How electromagnetic radiation causes disease may not be fully understood yet, but there are several promising mechanisms, including

  • DNA Damage. Our cells have mechanisms to repair DNA damage to a limited extent, but it appears that EMFs can overwhelm these mechanisms. Damaged DNA is implicated in several disease processes, including various types of cancer.
  • Interference with Melatonin production.Electromagnetic radiation  appears to interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone that is normally produced in the body. Low melatonin levels have already been linked to several diseases, including cancers. (Recent research indicates that serotonin production can also be affected by EMFs).
  • Interference with Cellular Communication. Our body cells communicate internally and externally by means of electrical signals. These signals can be altered by EMF radiation (which generates electrical currents within the body) causing changes in cellular activity and even cellular structure.

Our most sensible strategy is to voluntarily limit our personal exposure to low-frequency and radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

It is up to us, individually, because for political and economic reasons, governments are not willing to help us with this. We could wait until governments change their strategy, but by then many of us could be dead! Sorry if that sounds overly dramatic.

Long-term exposure to EMF pollution is probably a serious threat to your health. But if you spend 14 hours a day in a low-EMF sanctuary (your home) you will give yourself a really good chance to avoid the health consequences of EMF exposure.


It will take some effort, and maybe some funds to create this sanctuary. But it can be done. And by great good fortune, you are already in the right place to find out exactly what to do and how to do it!

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