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Radiation Screen Wall Covering

[azon_profit_poster HNG80-Radiation-Shield-Wallpaper]

Our comments:

You could use this product like wallpaper to screen radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Get an expert to hang it for you if you haven’t hung wallpaper before – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Claimed attenuation is a very high 80 dB at 1 GHz – other radio-frequencies are not specified but will probably be similar.

No customer reviews on Amazon at time of writing, but the Amazon description implies a high-quality item.

The product is sold on Amazon in various shorter lengths, too.

Suppliers suggest using a special dispersion glue called DKL90 to attach the product to the wall. This glue does not appear to be carried by Amazon.

You would probably only consider hanging this on the inside of a wall, because it would not be weatherproof. Also it might not look very good in your lounge – so perhaps you could hang a more decorative wallpaper on top of it.

What I know about decorating is dangerous, so you might want to consult a decorating expert, unless you are one!



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