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Cellphone Protection Pouch

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A Cellphone Protection Pouch is great if you like to carry your cellphone in your pocket, like I usually do.

Cellphones communicate frequently with the nearest mast, even when you are not using the phone. This creates an EMF from your phone which travels in all directions, including through your body.

Not all pouches work in the same way. The ones I prefer shield you from most of your cellphone’s radiation while you are carrying it, but you can still receive calls and messages. As long as the phone is in the pouch, its radiation only travels away from your body, not towards it.

Some pouches offer the option, either to screen radiation in all directions (phone will not work) or just shield your body from the phone’s radiation (phone is still able to receive and transmit).

These pouches have two compartments, and you can carry your cellphone in either one. In the inner compartment, the cellphone is surrounded by radiation screening material, so no signal reaches the phone or escapes from it. This means your phone can’t receive messages or calls. (It may try to transmit, but the radio signals won’t escape the pouch.)

But when in the outer compartment, your cellphone is screened on only one side – the side next to your body. Now the phone can still receive and transmit via the unshielded side of the pouch. So your cellphone is still functioning, but you can carry it safely. You can answer calls as usual, just slide the phone out from the pouch first.

There are several varieties to choose from. Here are some of the ones we like best.

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Pocket Pouches Protect People!

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