TV Radiation

TV Radiation is no problem for these two children who are watching at a very safe distance.Sometimes technology produces something safer, easier, more convenient and better in every way!

Modern flat-screen TVs, whether they be LCD, LED or Plasma types emit very little electromagnetic radiation, except at very close range. They are a big improvement over their older, cathode-ray tube (CRT) cousins.

We should still discourage children from sitting or standing right next to a flat screen TV, because some parts of the screen do emit mains-related, low-frequency radiation.

Actually it is not so much the screen as the electronic components behind the screen, such as the TV’s power supply that create the EMF

In most modern TVs (LED and LCD) this EMF extends up to one or two feet in front of the screen. So as long as you are two feet or more away from your screen, you will be safe. And because the screens tend to be larger, we usually prefer to sit further away from them than two feet, for best viewing experience.

It is easy for children to sit too close to the screen when they are fascinated by what they are watching.Like all low-frequency EMF, the radiation from your TV cannot be effectively screened. It travels through any material, including your body, with ease.

But fortunately it diminishes rapidly, which is why it has practically become unmeasurable at a distance of two feet.


(For the more technically-minded, the EMF strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.)

Radiation from Aerials and Satellite Dishes

In case you are wondering, the TV aerial itself is not a source of electromagnetic radiation because it does not broadcast a signal, merely picks up a signal already present. So it is not a health hazard.

The same applies to satellite dishes.

Metal objects (including aerials and satellite dishes) reflect most of the radio-frequency EMF that falls on them, so they can affect the EMF in the space around them – blocking radiation from reaching some spots, and concentrating it in others.

But this EMF effect is tiny compared with that produced by a nearby radio-transmitting device such as a cellphone or wireless router.

Smart TVs May Create an EMF Hazard

Smart TVs do not necessarily create radio-frequency radiation. It depends how they are set up.

Because Smart TVs require an internet connection (usually through a router) they create an EMF hazard if that connection is a wireless one.


Wireless Smart TV ConnectionThis is the same as with any electronic equipment that connects to a network. If you want a wireless connection, you will be exposed to high levels of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Cable connections between Smart TV and Router allow the devices to talk to each other without creating any EMF. 🙂

Cathode Ray Tube TVs Produce Much Greater Radiation

CRT Television Creates a Big EMFThe older box-shaped TVs containing a cathode ray tube produce very substantial EMF radiation.

Even a viewing distance of 1.5 metres is not adequate protection from most CRT Televisions. Sit at least 1.9m (6 feet) away. It’s better for your eyes too.

This is particularly important for children, who are more vulnerable to TV radiation than adults. Children should also keep well away from the sides and back of a CRT TV as the EMF from these angles is often just as high as from the front.

There are few CRT TVs around these days, as most have been replaced with flat-screen (LED and LCD) televisions. The older CRT boxes were the cause of TVs getting a rather bad reputation for electromagnetic radiation in the first place.

But for those who still use them, they are perfectly safe provided you sit far enough away.

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