Cell Phone Radiation Health Danger

Many cell phone users spend over 30 minutes a day on their mobile. That’s 11000 minutes a year of cell phone radiation applied to the side of their head. Year after year after year.

Common sense would tell you that this amount of radiation, applied at point-blank range, has got to have some effect on those brain cells.

And science agrees with your common sense (for once!)

Cell phone radiation is not good for us. Even if you call it radio-frequency waves!

In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organization) has deemed radio-frequency radiation a “possible carcinogen” – i.e. it may cause cancer.

Is it harming you?

Well, that depends on how you use your mobile, and how much you use it. But if you are one of those people who clocks up 11000 minutes of cell phone radiation every year, straight to the side of your head, brace yourself for bad news.


Cell phone radiation can cause cancer, leukemia, brain damage …

Scientific evidence is mounting. Frequent cell phone users are more likely to get sick than other people, and doctors, scientists and health researchers are trying to tell us about it.

Recently published reports indicate that cell phone radiation can cause health challenges such as

    • leukemia
    • brain cancer
    • skin damage
    • brain damage
    • increased blood pressure
    • DNA damage
    • sperm abnormalities
    • reduced fertility
    • salivary gland cancer
    • psychological problems

Such a serious illness would generally require long-term radiation exposure. The damage occurs every minute you are exposed to cellphone radiation, but it takes a long time (usually years) for the body to become so completely overwhelmed.

In the short term, the damage may make itself felt through less dramatic problems such as

    • tinnitus
    • sleep interference
    • anxiety
    • skin rashes
    • electro-sensitivity

But even if you are lucky enough to avoid these and similar health problems, your body is still being stressed (damaged) by radiation from your cell phone, and has to divert scarce resources to repair the damage.

See our page ElectroMagnetic Radiation Health Effects for evidence and sources.

Who is worst affected by cell phone radiation?

Unsurprisingly, cellphone radiation has the greatest effect on people who make frequent or extended use of cellphones. Less frequent use may also be dangerous to susceptible persons, especially children, and people already suffering from degenerative disease. See Who is at Risk?


Responsible scientists, academics, doctors and researchers everywhere are urging us to act on the precautionary principle. Top doctors are urging cell phone companies to come clean on health dangers posed by radiation, according to the Environmental Health Trust.

If you wait for proof that cell phones cause health problems, the first proof you might get is when you, or a person close to you, gets sick from the effects of cell phone radiation. That is not a good way to find out about cell phone radiation dangers!

Rather reduce all unnecessary cell phone radiation exposure, from now onwards.

I wouldn’t rely on cellular service providers, the government or anyone else to protect you and your family from cell phone EMF. These organisations generally take the line that cell phones are “unlikely to increase the risk of health problems” – as here.

For various reasons, including massive commercial interests, you cannot expect them to protect you from this danger. It is up to each one of us, individually, to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

So what should we do? We have to acquire new habits and keep our exposure to cellphone radiation down to levels which don’t affect our health.

How do we do that? See our Safe Cell Phone Usage.

Cell phones emit EMF even when you are NOT using them

There is already strong evidence about the health dangers of frequent or prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiation during conversations.

Less certain, but still probable, are health dangers from carrying a mobile phone on your person, or leaving it close to your body at night.


Although the radiation strength may be higher while talking on a mobile phone, idle phones do emit radiation periodically, even when you are just carrying them.

So it is not surprising that some of the health risks relating to cell phone radiation, such as sperm damage and infertility, may result from just carrying a cell phone in your pocket.

Although sperm damage hits the headlines, possible damage to the eggs in a woman’s ovaries (present from birth and not replaceable) seems even more worrying to me. So whatever your gender, be kind to your body and keep mobile phones away from it.

Cell phone chargers emit low-frequency EMF

When you plug your phone into its charger, the charger unit may emit low-frequency EMF over a short distance. With newer phones, that distance may be only a few inches, but with older ones it can be as much as 2 feet. (Actually, any charger unit may emit EMF, not just a mobile phone charger.)

Many people charge their phones at night, often placing them on the bedside table, and using their bedside electrical socket for the charger.

This can be safe, if the phone is in flight mode or switched off (no radio-frequency EMF) and both the phone and charger are far enough away so that no person is within range of the low-frequency EMF. If you are not sure of that distance, assume the EMF extends 2 feet from the phone and the charger unit.

If you cannot leave the phone in flight mode, then just keep the phone and charger at least 2 feet away from everyone.

For additional practical tips on using your cellphone safely, see Safe Cell Phone Usage.

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