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EMF-Shielding Fabric

One of the most convenient and effective ways of shielding radio-frequency EMF is to use a fabric designed for the purpose. The purpose is always to screen out radio-frequency EMF, but the uses are varied. For example, EMF-shielding fabric may be used for

  • Net curtain at a window
  • Backing material for a normal curtain
  • Bed canopy
  • Construction of an enclosure for partial screening of EMF-emitting equipment (e.g. routers)
  • To make items of clothing for personal EMF protection
  • To screen interior walls

Some fabrics are better suited to some uses than others.

And please check the width and length of the product you select, to make sure it meets your requirements.

When using fabric for EMF screening, it is useful to be able to check that it produces the desired effect. For this purpose, a good radio-frequency EMF meter is highly recommended.

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