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An EMF Survey is a thorough check of EMF levels within the survey property, which could be your existing home, or one you intend to buy or rent.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a type of radiation. There are two kinds of EMF commonly found in the home: low frequency and radio-frequency EMF.

Low frequency EMF comes from from electrical power lines, substations, underground cables, house wiring and electrical appliances.

Radio-frequency EMF is emitted from many external sources. including radio and TV transmitters, mobile phone masts, other cell sites and radar installations. There are also many wired and wireless radio-transmitters in the home.

You can order a survey for low frequency EMF, radio-frequency EMF, or for both types.

What does an EMF-survey include?

EMF hotspots in the home are often very localized, so they can affect one part of a house much more than another. 

The surveyor will take EMF measurements in each room of the property. He will concentrate especially on areas where people spend most of their time. This includes bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and children’s play areas. We also include relevant outdoor areas.


An EMF survey can take up to an hour on site for a medium-sized (3-4 bed) house.

We record all EMF measurements and include them in our EMF Survey Report. The report also includes our evaluation of any EMF health risks, and our recommendations for reducing EMF exposure.

Who Needs an EMF Survey?

Many of our surveys are conducted for people who want to buy a particular property. They may have noticed an external EMF source near the property, for example an electrical substation, power lines / pylons, or a mobile phone mast. Sometimes they may be concerned about internal EMF sources, for example smart meters, electric wiring or installed appliances.

Other clients may want their current home assessed for EMF health risks. They may be concerned about their health, or that of other family members. Or they may suspect that high EMF levels already contribute to their health problems.

Property sellers may also consider an EMF survey. If there is a nearby substation or mobile phone mast, a professional EMF survey may help to reassure potential buyers.

Survey Purpose May Affect the Procedure

EMF Vulnerable

If the survey is for the client’s current home, they will probably want to know about internal and external sources of EMF. So we may take measurements with certain radio-frequency transmitting devices switched on, and then switched off, to get a full picture of internal and external radiation sources.

If we are surveying a property on behalf of a buyer, we will normally request that all non-installed radio-frequency transmitting devices (such as mobile phones, wi-fi or cordless phones) be switched off, to allow us to concentrate on external sources.


Why order an EMF survey?

High EMF levels are associated with many undesirable health effects. Increasingly, people are becoming aware of these EMF health issues.

The main advantage of an EMF survey is that it gives you dependable information. This includes the locations where EMF levels are high, and why. You can then take appropriate action to reduce your (or your family’s) exposure.

Of course you want your home to be a safe place. So it should be a low-EMF zone, and give you a break from the high EMF levels found almost everywhere.

When to order an EMF Survey

For the sake of your health, and your family’s, it is important to spend most of your time in places where EMF levels are low. Health effects from EMF exposure are cumulative. So if you have reason to be concerned about EMF levels inside your home, an EMF survey can be very empowering.

mobile phone masts

And if you are buying a property, in all the excitement it is easy to overlook serious environmental issues.

So a really good time to order an EMF survey is when you are intending to buy a new home – preferably before you commit to the contract.

There are also strong reasons for ordering a professional EMF survey for a property you wish to sell. It can reduce buyer uncertainty, increase confidence, and shorten the selling time.

Who should do your EMF survey?

There is no professional qualification or body which regulates electromagnetic radiation surveyors. So you will want to be confident that the person you choose is up to the job. Experience is the best teacher – so if you can, find someone who has done more than just a few.

EMF Survey Report

Most of our clients require a written EMF Survey report. Often this is because they want to use the report and its conclusions to help them with an important decision, for example a property purchase.


Our report will show all recorded radiation measurements, and indicate a level of concern for each one.  These measurements serve as a useful record of the survey findings, and make future comparisons possible.

Where EMF levels are high enough to represent a health hazard, we are often able to recommend action to reduce exposure. On the other hand, where we find low EMF levels, we can reassure our clients and give them peace of mind.

We email the survey report to our client, usually on the day after inspection.

We also answer any questions arising out of the survey or the report, until the client is satisfied.

Common EMF Survey Findings

Bedroom EMF

Quite frequently, we find elevated radiation levels in some parts of the home.

Sometimes these hotspots can be eliminated by switching off appliances or electronic devices – at least at night when they are not in use.

Where radio-frequency radiation enters from outside (for example from a mobile phone mast) it may be possible to screen certain windows with special net curtain material, or window film, to reduce the EMF penetration.

Radio-frequency sources inside the house can sometimes be re-positioned or partially screened to reduce radiation to more acceptable levels.

Low-frequency radiation can’t be screened, but it is still helpful to know about it, and how far it extends from the source – so that exposure can be minimised.


EMWatch specialize in EMF surveys

South of England

We cover the whole of Southern England, including the London area, and offer a free quotation with no obligation. (Our rates are pretty competitive too.)

There’s a list of some of the larger districts we service below this enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you if you need any information about an EMF survey.

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    Here are some of the major population centres in the areas we service.

    EMF Survey District


    ArunWest Sussex
    Aylesbury ValeBuckinghamshire
    Barking and DagenhamGreater London
    BarnetGreater London
    Basingstoke and DeaneHampshire
    Bath and North East SomersetSomerset
    BexleyGreater London
    Bracknell ForestBerkshire
    BrentGreater London
    Brighton & HoveEast Sussex
    BromleyGreater London
    CamdenGreater London
    Central BedfordshireBedfordshire
    ChichesterWest Sussex
    CrawleyWest Sussex
    CroydonGreater London
    EalingGreater London
    East DevonDevon
    East HampshireHampshire
    East HertfordshireHertfordshire
    EnfieldGreater London
    Epping ForestEssex
    GreenwichGreater London
    HackneyGreater London
    Hammersmith and FulhamGreater London
    HaringeyGreater London
    HarrowGreater London
    HaveringGreater London
    HillingdonGreater London
    HorshamWest Sussex
    HounslowGreater London
    Isle of WightIsle of Wight
    IslingtonGreater London
    Kensington and ChelseaGreater London
    Kingston upon ThamesGreater London
    LambethGreater London
    LewishamGreater London
    MertonGreater London
    Mid SussexWest Sussex
    Milton KeynesBuckinghamshire
    New ForestHampshire
    NewhamGreater London
    North HertfordshireHertfordshire
    North SomersetSomerset
    RedbridgeGreater London
    Reigate and BansteadSurrey
    Richmond upon ThamesGreater London
    South GloucestershireGloucestershire
    South OxfordshireOxfordshire
    South SomersetSomerset
    SouthwarkGreater London
    St AlbansHertfordshire
    SuttonGreater London
    Taunton DeaneSomerset
    Test ValleyHampshire
    Tonbridge and MallingKent
    Tower HamletsGreater London
    Tunbridge WellsKent
    Vale of White HorseOxfordshire
    Waltham ForestGreater London
    WandsworthGreater London
    WealdenEast Sussex
    Welwyn HatfieldHertfordshire
    West BerkshireBerkshire
    West OxfordshireOxfordshire
    WestminsterGreater London
    Windsor and MaidenheadBerkshire
    WorthingWest Sussex

    Unfortunately, many people don’t think about EMF in their home until someone in the household experiences an unexplained decline in health.

    Please don’t ignore EMF in your home. Deal with it! Use the contact form above to request your free UK Home EMF Survey quotation with no obligation.

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