EMF from Cars and Bikes

EMF from CarsMost forms of powered travel involves the risk of exposure to substantial EMF fields in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range.

Having measured this EMF in our family car (not the one shown here, unfortunately!) we were not pleased to find the following values (in milligaus, or mG):












Front seat passenger






Rear seat passenger





These are very high levels of radiation, especially considering the fact that many people, including children, infants, and pregnant women,  spend over an hour every day in the car.

Having tested many cars over the last 10 years, unfortunately we can report that such high radiation levels are not that unusual, although there is a very wide range of EMF levels among different car models. A Happy Habitat has published EMF measurements for over fifty car models.

Who thinks about EMF levels when choosing a new car? There are many more interesting statistics to consider, than EMF levels!

But as long as we don’t care about EMF levels in our cars, the motor manufacturers won’t make any effort to slash those EMF numbers.

They could be greatly reduced if their electrical engineers paid some attention to the problem.


Car manufacturers may be generally unaware of the health implications of low frequency electromagnetic radiation. Motoring journals don’t even touch on this issue in their road tests.

This radiation is not related to the mains electrical frequency (50/60 Hz) but rather to the speed of mechanical and electrical components, such as engine and alternator.

We know of no research into the health effects of exposure to car EMFs specifically. But at 3000 rpm, electrical components will produce an EMF of 50 Hertz, (the same frequency as mains power in UK) and at 3600 rpm, the frequency would be 60 Hertz (the same as mains power in the US).

Prolonged exposure to these frequencies can contribute to serious illness in susceptible people.

Higher EMF frequencies require more energy and are thought to have a greater biological impact, so it is possible that lower engine speeds are not as bad for you as higher ones!

Either way, it is very probable that your daily car travel adds substantially to your total EMF health burden.

Even Higher EMFs from Modern Cars?

Solar Powered could mean High EMFThere is a lot more electronic equipment in modern cars, including engine management systems, sound equipment, high-capacity alternators, electrically heated seats, bluetooth communications systems and even solar panels.

So it is not surprising that the EMF numbers in modern cars are generally worse than for older cars.

We also need to be careful about hybrid and electrically-powered cars. If low-EMF is not designed into these cars from the drawing board, these new technologies have the potential to create even higher EMF’s than petrol-engined cars.


So if you are buying a new car, an EMF meter check during a test drive of the same car model you are planning to buy is strongly recommended before purchase.

Another suggestion: next time you buy a car, ask the sales person about its EMF performance! If we all did that, car salesmen would know that this is important to us, and motor manufacturers would build low-EMF cars!

In the meanwhile, after we have bought our car, the only way we  can minimise our EMF exposure is by spending less time in the car – not a very practical suggestion for most people.

EMF from Motor Cycles

Harley ThrobMost of this will also apply to motor cycles, except that the components generating the electromagnetic radiation are even closer to the rider and passenger.

So they will be subjected to more intense EMFs, especially in the region between their legs. Hmmm, not a good place to be irradiated.

Bear in mind that all the usual forms of powered transport are equally likely to create strong EMFs – from their engines at least – including planes, trains, trucks, coaches and buses.

Bicycles are OK. So is walking. And for powered transport, there’s always the horse – guaranteed EMF free – brakes are good, but handling can be a bit unpredictable 😉

Low EMF Transport Solution

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