EMF Values for Sample Appliances

Sample EMF Values (mG) for ELF/VLF sources

The following EMF table shows sample low frequency (magnetic) values only.

These devices are mainly powered by mains electricity whose frequency was 50/60 Hertz. Non-mains-powered devices are also included in this table if they produce EMF values within the Low-Frequency range, for example: cellphone, laptop computer.

The Low Frequency range includes so called Extremely Low Frequency (ELF)  and Very Low Frequency (VLF) ranges.

Devices such as cellphones and microwave ovens are included in this table because they produce substantial low frequency radiation in addition to Radio / Microwave radiation. (The Radio/Microwave values are not shown in this table).

These are sample values. Your equipment may produce different EMFs.

  Table of Magnetic Field Values

EMF in milligauss at distance


 Electrical Equipment/Appliance

6 Inch1 Ft2 Ft4 Ft
Air conditioner3100
Baby monitor *6100
Battery charger30300
Can opener600150202
Cellphone (Contact: 20mG) *5200
Clock (analogue)15200
Clock (digital)6100
Clothes dryer3200
Coffee maker7000
Computer monitor (CRT)14520
Computer monitor (LCD flat)1000
Computer (desktop) *3100
Computer (laptop) *      Contact:20mG5100
Cooking range / Hob30820
Crock pot6100
Electric Blanket     At 2.5cm/1″: 20mG
Fan (desktop)3100
Fax machine6000
Flourescent Light *40620
Food mixer1001010
Food processor30620
Garbage disposal unit801020
Hair dryer300100
Heater (fan)1002040
Hi Fi / CD player / Tuner etc1000
Microwave Oven * (VLF only)20040102
Power drill1503040
Power saw2004050
Power supply (UPS)902531
Printer * (desktop)3100
Printer/copier *(large/office)902071
TV (with CRT-type screen)30720
Vacuum cleaner30060101
Washing machine20710

* All the devices marked by an asterisk may produce two kinds of EMF: Low frequency EMF and Radio/Frequency EMF. The values shown in this table are for Low Frequency EMF (magnetic) only.

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