Radex RD1503+ Geiger Counter

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ATTENTION: As of August 1st, 2013, Quarta-Rad upgraded RADEX 1503 to RADEX 1503 Plus. Upgraded firmware, additional features, and cost the same as RADEX 1503. Don't be fooled by online vendors selling old and unsupported RADEX 1503 model as new. When you buy RADEX 1503 online, make sure it is RADEX 1503 Plus (Radex 1503+)
Now there is a better, stronger and more advanced version of our best-selling workhorse – the RD1503.
Ever since the introduction of the original RD1503, customers have been asking for additional functions and requested certain improvements on the existing design. We have listened and incorporated many new capabilities into RD1503+:
New and Improved Features of RADEX RD1503+

+ Graduated change of a threshold signal in the range from 0.10 to 0.90 µSv/h with an 0.10 µSv/h interval (available in individual settings).

+ Value of the background dose rate is saved even when the device is turned off.

+ Now displays the difference of the dose rate between the averaged and background values.

+ Includes vibration signal and audio alarm (both adjustable).

+ Added animation of the pressed command button (the icon of the button starts blinking on the display).

This new device allows a quick and easy way to check radiation background of top soil, non-edibles and interior premises.
The quality of indication of any dosimeter depends primarily on the built-in detector of ionizing radiation. RADEX RD1503+ contains a low-voltage SBM20-1 type Geiger-Muller counter of beta- and gamma-radiation which is found used in professional dosimetric equipment.
An expert scientific tool that’s made for an average Joe.

Quick, Simple, and now better than ever!

Our comments:

Let’s face it, not everyone needs a Geiger counter – some of us just want one! This one seems to do an excellent job and offers great value too.

Remember how concerned we all were in 2011 when the Fukashima disaster struck? You could not buy a Geiger counter for love nor money. Suppliers sold out within hours!

So don’t wait for the next nuclear disaster to buy one.

This unit is made in Russia. It measures beta and gamma radiation, which is what you need for nuclear radiation.

Apparently it is quite popular in Japan. The Japanese would be discerning customers, don’t you think?

The description doesn’t mention alpha particles (e.g. from radon gas) or x-rays, so this meter won’t measure these kinds of radiation.

Some Amazon reviews complained about the manual, which is apparently a poor translation into English.

But overall, at this price, you could do a lot worse.



It’s good to be prepared, don’t you think? 

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