New Daylite White Netting Radiation Screen

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Our comments:

Width is 8 ft 2 inches. Length: sold by the metre (3 ft 3 inches).

Ideal as a net curtain, this fabric is fairly transparent. Lets in plenty of light.

Although radio-frequency radiation does penetrate walls, and ceilings, most of the radiation that comes into a house from outside comes through the windows, because glass offers much less resistance than more solid materials.

So if you want to get the maximum EMF reduction for the minimum cash outlay, this kind of screening can be really effective.

Netting does not completely eliminate radiation coming through a window, but it will reduce it very substantially. Supplier quotes 30 decibel attenuation at 1 GHz, which means a 97% reduction, compared to what would have come through the window without the netting.

Radiation screen is used on windows which look out onto an EMF source such as a cell tower, or a neighbour’s wi-fi, or perhaps a nearby wall which is reflecting EMF from somewhere else.

It may also be a good idea to fit this kind of netting to bedroom windows, because much of the radiation we absorb reaches us while we are fast asleep in our beds!

Note – If you want to screen off EMF from a neighbours 5.6 GHz wi-fi, rather use the Naturell fabric which is more effective at this frequency.

PS. You can also buy this product in different lengths, from Amazon.


See-through net curtain for your windows – helps keep radiation outside your home.

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