Naturell EMF Net Curtain Fabric

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Our comments:

Width is 8 ft 2 inches. Length is 6 ft 5 inches. Colour is a light beige (ecru-white).

Naturell is designed for use as a net curtain, or a curtain lining, but it can be used anywhere (indoors) to screen EMF. Supplier describes it as “semi-transparent”. It can be machine washed, and dried on the line.

Radio-frequency radiation from outside the house usually enters mainly through the windows, so screening your windows is the first thing to try, and often the most effective.

Netting will substantially reduce radiation coming through the window. Supplier quotes 35 decibels of attenuation at 1 GHz which equates to a 98% reduction.

Best used on windows which look out onto an EMF source such as a cell tower, or a neighbour’s wi-fi or perhaps a nearby wall which is reflecting EMF from somewhere else.

Consider fitting Naturell netting to your bedroom windows. We spend 8 hours in bed every day (more for children) so we may absorb most radiation while we sleep!

Naturell is also suited to screening EMF from the new 5.6 GHz (5600 MHz) wi-fi systems, so it is rather versatile.


EMF Shielding Fabric for your curtains. Completely Naturell!

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