Hedron Cell Phone Radiation Protector

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When you purchase Hedron Life Source's Patented Device today, here's what you should do:
As soon as it arrives at your door, open it right away to start receiving the benefits. Remove the chip from its packaging and read over the information and directions. Admire the sturdy technology and rich design. You have in your hand the world's most tested and proven Doctor approved product of its kind. Notice the certifications, scientific tests, and studies. Place and use your new chip as directed. Notice your head and body do not heat up and are free of tingling and other EMF sensations when using your device.
What Separates Hedron From the Others? - It starts with our International Test Reports and Certificates. These include but are not limited to: The California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science (CIEMS) Report, The Saveetha Medical College and University Study, The Kirlian GCV Camera all organs study and clinical report, The Aparajit Instruments test report, The Centre for BioField Sciences test report. The conclusion? Hedron is the best EMF Radiation Protection Device currently available.
It is because of this that we are able to make our 60 day complete, no questions asked money back guarantee. Go ahead and try Hedron for 60 days and if you don't love the effects, we will instantly refund your money. We are that confident. You have nothing to lose and only your health (and your family's health) to gain. We want you to be happy and keep coming back for more until all of your devices are protected!
So order now, and when you do, consider using our buy 4 for the price of 3 LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! Give the gift of health this year.

Our comments:

Many people believe in the ability of  products like the Hedron Life-Source EMF Protector to do just what their manufacturers claim – that is, to protect you from harm caused by EMFs.

Unfortunately we cannot substantiate these claims. Somebody said to us

“Perhaps they do work, and you just don’t know how!”

Another told us that he intended to buy one because “it certainly won’t do any harm, and may just possibly do some good.”

We have measured similar devices (although not this one) and found that they make NO difference to the EMF meter reading.

But the manufacturers of these devices generally do not claim otherwise. They claim their devices  “harmonize” the EMF (or “neutralize” it)  so that it has no harmful effect on your body.

It may sound plausible, but in our view the only thing that definitely works is their marketing!

We can’t prove that we are right about this. But let’s put it this way

We know of no scientific principle by which a device of this kind could protect a person from electromagnetic radiation, except perhaps, the placebo principle!

So unfortunately, we are not able to recommend this product, or others which make similar claims.



You worked hard for your money. Pity to waste it! 

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