Anti-Radiation Cellphone Pouch

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Brand new and high quality
Phones will not ring while inside the bag
This Anti-radiation Bag made of nano-materials. Comfortable feelings for you when you touch this bag
There will be signal in the first layer while no signal if you put your in the second layer
Signal is automatically re-acquired when phone is taken out of the bag Anti-disturbed, if you don't want to receive calls, just put your cell phone into inside layer. Then, the caller will hear "Calls can not be connected"
Specially designed for your handset mobile phone
Offers much protection for your phone from damaging, scratching and dust Great functions involves anti-radiation, anti-degaussing
Because of handset wave radiation, long time carrying the phone will put human in danger. By using this bag can ease this problem to a large extent for this phone bag has a great effect in anti-radiation
You can put your magnetism card into the bag which can avoid magnetism lost and information leak largely
It's also a sweet gift for your beloved family members, especially pregnant lady, your friends or coworkers
Anti-radiation function efficiency 99.9 %
Color: Black
Size: 15.5cm x 10cm - 6.08inch x 3.92inch

Package Included:

1 x Mobile Phone Blocking Bag

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

Our comments:

This pouch allows you to keep your cellphone in your pocket, with minimal radiation passing through YOU. Radiation goes out in the other direction, away from your body.

This is a simple device, suitable for smaller phones. The Amazon description may not make it clear how this works. Inside the pouch there are two sheets of radiation screening material. The pouch is designed so that you can put the cellphone between the two sheets, so no signal reaches the phone or escapes from it. OR you can put your phone inside the pouch but not between the screening sheets.

That way, your cellphone is screened on one side, the other side is unprotected. So when you put the pouch in your pocket, there is an EMF screen between you and your cellphone, which greatly reduces the amount of radiation going into your body.

Your cellphone still works, because signal still reaches the phone and the phone can still transmit – but mostly NOT through your body. You can answer calls as usual, just slide the phone out from the pouch.

Like many men, I carry my cellphone in my trouser pocket. Carrying it this way, in the pouch, the phone remains fully functional, and I get to keep my gonads functioning too!

If you put the cellphone BETWEEN the two screening sheets, it won’t work and no radiation escapes the pouch. This may suit you occasionally too. In this mode, to use your phone you just slide it out of the pouch – no need to switch on and wait for it to connect. (But if you use it this way you will not receive incoming calls.)

By the way, you should still take your phone out of your pocket whenever you can. But when you can’t, the pouch gives you a good measure of protection.


Keep those family jewels sparkling!

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