Cell Tower TreeEM Watch was created in 2008, and completely revised in 2014. It is about electromagnetic radiation and the harm it can do to your health.

When the site was originally set up, most of the pages were created to inform visitors about the EMF pollution that surrounds us all, and the damage that it can do to your health. There was still a lot of scepticism around back then.

It was hard to believe that something  you could not see, hear, or feel – and were exposed to every day – could really be doing you any serious harm.

For this revised website, the emphasis has changed quite a bit. These days, most visitors to this site have already accepted that EMF has harmful effects on people.

They just want to know how to minimise the effects on themselves and their loved ones!

Trifield EMF MeterA good many of you have personally experienced health effects which you have come to believe are related to electromagnetic radiation. Or you know someone who has.

So you want to understand it better, and particularly, you want to know how you – and those you love – can keep from harm.

This revised edition is intended to be more practical, and give you specific ways to protect yourself from the various kinds of radiation out there.

And if you are still not convinced that EMF is doing you any harm, there is plenty of information on this site to help you make up your mind 😉


Don’t become a victim of EMF pollution! Knowledge is key.

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